Engineering Australia Specialize is on site welding 

Construction Welding beams kleats baseplates 

pipe welding 

Tig aluminum and stainless steel

General Engineering Turning Milling Surface Grinding 

Maintenance Mechanical Fitting & Turning 

We also offer onsite Maintenance to production  facilities & factories including preventivate & Breakdown maintenance on a wide range of fixed plant
& mobile equipment 
Attendance to Breakdown & Preventive maintenance on a wide range of machinery including  press-brakes, pan-breaks, metal & paper  guillotines John Hinie press brake press, paint booth drying and queering ovens, riveting machines   and many other types of engineering equipment.
General preventive maintenance greasing & lubricating Machinery changing oil checking operation & safe guarding.
Engineering improvements  to machinery such as replacing common faulty parts machining out of a higher grade alloy giving machinery longevity
Extensive works and improvements to press tooling engineering new tools out of k110 (cold work tool steel)
Regularly changing press tooling & setting up punches & dies
General lathe & milling operations machining new shafts , Dies Punches, keyways bearing housings
Setting up guillotine blades after re-sharpening
Hydraulic  & pneumatic repairs fault finding  changing valves, pumps, control gear cylinder repair fixing leaks.
Electrical repair fault finding changing  relays, overloads, fuses, plug & sockets, 240 & 415v,  Contactors DOL starters  24v control circuits 
General Machining & Fabrication on specialized customized food & production machinery.
Regular preventive Maintenance on food production machinery & timely attending to breakdown maintenance food packaging & production
Building new specialized machines for the production of food and packaging that process a variety of shapes & sizes. 
General machining, cutting threads on the lathe, welding, braising and production of high precision components.
Fault finding on a wide range of hydraulic & mechanical equipment, diagnosing the break down & resolving the mechanical issue.   
Maintenance breakdown work on conveyors, extrusion dies, plant & machinery.     
Regular monthly preventive maintenance work on an industrial powdercoationg line stretch wrapping machinery, conveyors, mulching machines, hoppers, curing ovens, gearbox’s, motors, spray booths food & packaging machinery.